Monday 20 December 2021

Mind Like Water sold again

Nice to see that Mind Like Water has new owners. Hope they have as much fun with her as we did!

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Mind Like Water For Sale again!

She's been repainted and is on sale again!

The interior looks the same.

Monday 6 September 2021

End of an era...

MLW has now officially gone up for sale at Venetian Marina...

She was such a good boat for us so here's hoping she finds a new owner who will love her as much as we did. Hard to believe that we had her for over 7 years!

She was a great haven during some difficult times and taught us a lot about owning a boat.

We are delighted with our new boat (Vegvisir) but it's still a wrench to say goodbye to Mind Like Water

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Shropshire Union: Nantwich -> Cholmondeston 31/8-1/9/2021

Start: Nantwich Canal Centre

End: Venetian Marina

Miles: 4.5

Locks: 1

Lock miles: 5.5

Engine hours: 662.9 start / 667.2 end

Final trip in Mind Like Water to transfer over to our new boat Vegvisir. Andrew remained at home waiting for confirmation of BSS certificate from Venetian so he could then licence Vegvisir.

Alison already had Mind Like Water's roofbox etc loaded in her car so went ahead to get everything aboard. She eventually ended up moving MLW single handed round to Venetian Marina (such a contrast to couples where the wife can't or won't touch the tiller!).

Andrew managed to get the CRT licence sorted by midday and headed off to meet Alison at Venetian Marina.

We managed to get most of our stuff transferred by the end of Tuesday. Finished off on Weds 1st and then handed the keys over to Venetian. A bitter-sweet moment as Mind Like Water has been such a great boat and has taught us so much about being owners. 

However she was under offer again within a week of going on sale so hopefully she will continue to give enjoyment to her new owner!

And of course we are very excited about getting to grips with our new boat which will take us to all sorts of places we haven't managed to get to yet! Logs for Vegvisir will be on a new blog at

Luckily Nantwich Canal Centre had a longer mooring become available at the start of September so we can stay here. We love the location which is only about 10 minutes walk from Nantwich town centre.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Weaver: Middlewich -> Nantwich (via IWA lock wind at Cholmondeston) 5-8/8/2021

Start: Middlewich

End: Nantwich via IWA lockwind

Miles: 13

Locks: 3

Lock miles: 16

Engine hours: 652.1 start / 660ish end

Fairly leisurely start on Thursday morning as we only needed to get to the Cholmondeston visitor moorings near Venetian Marina where we were due to help with a lock wind for our Inland Waterways Association (IWA) branch. It's an annual fund raiser where we work the lock for boaters and encourage them to give a donation or buy stuff from our stall. The 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid-19 so it was good that this year's could take place.

The weather was not great and we got wet a few times but this has the upside of making boaters feel sorry for us and giving more money!

We try to have a BBQ on the evening before the lock wind but the weather did not cooperate. But we did have a nice meal at the Barbridge Inn on the Saturday evening - we walked there and the rest drove (but we beat them there!).

It was part of our retirement plans to get a bigger boat so we could go on longer cruises. Mind Like Water is basically a single room floating caravan which is fine for the 2 week cruise that we could manage while working but less practical for longer cruises (i.e. 2-3 months) that we plan to do after retirement. Andrew retired from lecturing in August 2021 and Alison will retire from the GMB union in early March 2022.

So… As we were doing this lock wind near Venetian Marina where we bought Mind Like Water, we though we could go and have a look at what they had on sale - just to start gathering information about what is around of course…

Anyway… a chap from Venetian came to look at Mind Like Water and we went to look at two boats. One was a bit too long at 60ft and also had a rather poor internal fitout done by the previous owner. But the other one was quite nice and reasonably priced. When Venetian then offered us more for Mind Like Water than we had paid for her 7 years ago, we decided to make an offer on the other boat - Ganzee.

The survey came back with no nasty surprises and less than a month after the lock wind we now own the new boat! We will be renaming her to Vegvisir (the Icelandic / Viking compass symbol which means Way Seer or Path Finder). Logs of our time on her will be on a new blog page at

We had a reasonable journey back to base on Mind Like Water though the weather turned and Andrew got very cold and wet by the time we were moored up.

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Weaver: Lion Salt Works -> Middlewich 4/8/2021

Start: 10:00 Lion Salt Works

End: Bridge 28 Middlewich

Miles: 9

Locks: 5

Lock miles: 14

Engine hours: 646.8 start / 652.1 end

Glorious weather - sunshine and a fresh breeze - sultry when sheltered. Alison got busy in the galley making potato salad, carotted rapees, salade nicoise, emptied and cleaned the fridge, checked all contents (thrown out or returned to fridge). Bacon, egg, mushroom, onion and brown sauce sandwiches for lunch.

At one point, we were so earnestly discussing our dream boat that we almost went aground in one of the flashes : an oncoming boat going too fast to spot why we were slowly avoiding an obstruction and nearly crashed : a crabwise dayboat lent entertainment to an otherwise placid journey. Queue at Big Lock but CRT lockies on hand to oversee matters at the 3 locks (although too chatty to keep an eye on what they were doing - Alison definitely in charge). Another queue at Wardle lock and surprisingly slow to cycle through. Stopped just through Bridge 28 ready to go to shops. Done and back by 16:30, salade nicoise when a bit cooler.

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Weaver: Anderton -> Lion Salt Works 3/8/2021

Start: 09:30 Anderton

End: Lion Salt Works

Miles: 2.25

Locks: 0

Lock miles: 2.25

Engine hours: 644.3 start / 646.8 end

1st trip of the day up the lift 10:00. Glorious sunshine. Both caissons at low level so we were the only one going up. Took lots of photos and video for Charlie. Once up top, the canal seemed very narrow and busy after a week on the Weaver! Alison walked ahead to see if there were any spaces outside the marina: just one at the far end away from the services; the moorings for which were jam packed. However, no problem getting showered (water still ridiculously hot), elsan and rubbish. Then Andrew walked ahead to scope out moorings at Lion Salt Works while Alison tiptoed along past oncoming traffic, moored boars and in the wake of fuel boat Halsall. Ironically was just passing her when spotted Andrew waiting at a nice mooring spot.

Still much traffic and rings not conveniently spaced so rigged up spring lines as well - much better. By 13:00, weather cloudier in parts - still fine and warm. Went to Salt Barge seeking lunch - the sole positive was working wifi… No food and beer was dull and old, the building deserted. Pleasant enough garden except for wasps (one of which found its way into Andrew's beer…). Retreated to boat (pursued by yapping dogs from a nearby house) for corned beef sandwiches).

Nice shady mooring, phoned up Laura and Megan for the quiz from the cruiser stern - Doritos & salsa, beer and good company - excellent!