Sunday, 22 February 2015

Making deposits in the sanity bank!

We both have quite hectic and stressful jobs.

More and more we are finding that time on the boat is an invaluable counter-balance.

In fact we have come up with the term "making deposits in the sanity bank" to describe the way that even a single night on-board helps to replenish our depleted reserves ready for the demands of the working week.

In fact, with a little mental gymnastics, even going to the boat in my mind can help! Not as good as actually being on board with the stove lit and a glass of something refreshing though...

Good to know that we have several trips already planned during 2015 with plenty of weekends as well!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Cholmondeston Lock Open Day

Hail at Cholmondeston Lock Open Day 21st Feb 2015
On Saturday 21st Feb 2015, as members of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) we helped out at an Open Day at Cholmondeston Lock which is near the Shropshire Union end of the Middlewich Branch. The lock was drained for refurbishment of the gates and walls. Apparently there were increasing troubles last summer in getting a decent seal on the gates. This slowed traffic down and increased the already frequent queues at this busy lock.

The lock was open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday and it was a great opportunity to see what happens under the water.

Apparently there were about 250 visitors over the 2 days of the Open Event which is not bad considering that the site is well away from the main roads and the weather was not great. There was a heavy hail shower just after we had set up.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Short trip to Audlem for Valentine's Day

We had a nice Valentine's Day trip to Audlem and back. Travelled to the boat on Friday night ready for a prompt start on Saturday if the weather looked OK.

It was a bit nippy pleasant enough so after a quick visit to the marina office to top up the electricity card, we got under way about 09:20. The trip to Audlem took about 5 hours with a brief stop for lunch. We are getting pretty familiar with the Hurleston Locks though do need to remember that you definitely need a short throw windlass on one of them.

Past through the Hack Green locks and the signs to the Secret Nuclear Bunker that we visited way back in August 2001. Read about our trip on the Shropshire Union canal in August 2001 on our website.

Got turned in the winding hole at Audlem and moored up by about 14:30. Had a wander round the village and got a few bits and pieces in the Co-op followed by a pint at the Shroppie Fly.

Then back to the boat for a very nice meal of steak and jacket potatoes with chocolates for dessert. With a bottle of wine to wash it down, it was a very pleasant way to pass the evening.

Uneventful journey back to the marina.