Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Still on the canals

Well kind of...

We sold our boat share in part because we were missing holidays in France. So virtually as soon as we decided to sell we booked a ferry crossing for the end of March. From one boat to another!

At that point we had not even decided which part of France to visit. After some thought, we decided on a gite near Strasbourg. And get this... It is right next to a canal! Our canal hating daughter still can't believe it.

While researching the small village where we are staying (Waltenheim sur Zorn) I was amazed to find this picture from this webpage from K and H which shows our gite. Not sure which of these buildings it is but it's one of them.

The canal goes right from outside the door to the centre of Strasbourg so I will be taking my bike! In fact the canal goes a good deal further than that as it is the Canal de la Marne au Rhin.

There are some excellent photos on K and H's webpage of Strasbourg. Can't wait!