Monday, 26 November 2007

Better view of Milton Keynes

Deborah Newbold in her "Little More" blog has a long rant against cars and Milton Keynes. I think that MK gets mentioned largely because of the perceived impact of cars on the town.

Now I probably agree on the overuse of cars bit. And the Milton Keynes roundabouts are a pain when you want to travel across the town. And, yes, I did fail to find the centre of the town the first time I visited. And it took me a few visits to work out that the V & H at the front of the road numbers in Milton Keynes stood for Vertical and Horizontal.

But I digress (again)... The main purpose of this post was to point out how pleasant it it to visit Milton Keynes by narrowboat. We did that in August last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We got to moor in the middle of a large park and had a nice walk through said park to the shopping centre. Now, admittedly, if you don't see a shopping centre as a suitable destination for a walk then you will be unpersuaded but we found it quite pleasant.

PS: I have actually been quite impressed with the way that different transport systems (roads, cycle paths, footpaths are interlaced within Milton Keynes. For example you can cycle or walk a long way without ever having to cross a road. Being a new town, the planners had the luxury of being able to design this in. Livingston in Scotland is similar.

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