Friday, 24 October 2014

Ellesmere And Whitchurch

This was a week long trip along the Llangollen Canal from Swanley Bridge Marina to Ellesmere and Whitchurch.

Highlights included 
  • a distinct swell on the straight bit of canal near Whitchurch due to a strong sustained wind
  • picking up a plastic bag in the prop going through one of the lift-bridges on the Prees Branch
  • catching the opening night of a production by the Whitchurch Little Theatre group of an Alan Ayckbourn play "Snake in the Grass". Just happened to notice a poster in town, realised that it opened that night and grabbed tickets from one of the shops. Excellent production.
  • realising at the end of the trip that we hadn't actually eaten out at any of the pubs. Had a few pints but ate on-board. Makes for quite an affordable trip!
We liked Whitchurch more than Ellesmere. 

The basin at Ellesmere seemed a little unsafe with a group of youths hanging around on benches at the end...



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