Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter trip to Chester (Easter day 27/3/2016)

Engine reading at end of day: 163.9hr Miles:9 Locks:5 + 1 3 lock staircase

Clocks went forward last night. On our way by 09:45. Warm sunshine breaking through shower clouds - one or two catching us. Andrew saw a jay on towpath.

Mixed weather: sunshine and squally showers. Plenty of traffic in the other direction meant all locks bar the first were set for us.

Top Mooring opposite Telford Warehouse pub!
Arrived at 14:30 at Tower Wharf and moored opposite the Telford Wharf pub. Top mooring!
Cruise notes: Aldi offside no mooring - Bridge Inn opposite has a couple of bollards. Beyond, no mooring until after Waitrose: rings outside a half mile of pubs and restaurants.

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