Sunday, 12 June 2016

Moving to Middlewich for the Folk & Boat Festival (Sunday 12/6/2016)

No movement today.

As hoped, mooring is nice and quiet. Up at usual time. Breakfast of muesli. While boiling kettle for breakfast, the gas ran out. Luckily water had already got hot enough. Will change it on Friday when we come back for the Festival.

Tried to investigate washer on kitchen sink tap but couldn't budge it! Would be reasonably easy to replace the whole tap fitting as quite accessible. Subsequently wondered if the washer fitting is actually left-handed thread?

Will go home via Go Outdoors as trainers have split sole.

Straightforward walk to find car. Footpath from Bridge 28 leads to cul-de-sac and then onwards towards Kings Lock in one direction and towards town centre and market field in the other. Great placement!

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