Saturday, 29 October 2016

October half term trip and New mooring (Fri 28 / Sat 29 Oct 2016)

Trouble free cruise to winding hole and headed back towards Nantwich.

Stopped near Barbridge Inn for lunch. Usual issues with smoke alarm when cooking bacon despite having opened both side windows and front and back doors!

On arriving at Nantwich Canal Centre (NCC), had been planning to turn in end basin and return to mooring. However there was a lot of activity at the end so tried to spin directly into mooring which I accomplished without issue which was pleasing. While tying up, the general manager turned up to check that I had found the correct place. Quite a different approach to larger marinas where the management wouldn't know if you were there or not!

After tying up, walked to Swanley Bridge to collect the car. Last time for the foreseeable future that we will need to make the trek!

Quite a queue on the road from Acton to NCC. Interesting to now that if planning to arrive mid-to-late Friday afternoons... Found a spot in the end compound to park.

Later walked the short (!) distance into town for a mini pub crawl which involved a pint in the White Horse (?), a couple in the Castle and a final one in the Black Lion. Then got a kebab before heading back to the boat which was still warm by the time I got back. So nice to be able to walk the short distance along the towpath from the end of Welsh Row to Bridge 92 which leads across to the NCC.

Saturday was largely spent installing a new LED reading light by the front bed. Took quite a while to work out how to power it. Eventually disconnected the car type socket which was hidden in the port side front locker and used the feed to power the new light. Quite nice but light seems to flicker intermittently. Need to try and work out why or just live with it. Did wonder if the fridge might be causing it but Alison also reported flickering the following weekend and she did not have the fridge turned on. Maybe the battery charger? Need to try disconnecting the shore line and test it.

Had a bonus on the Saturday evening as the Nantwich Spooktacula was on at the showground across the road. Rather annoying music from about 5pm but later got to see the fireworks for free. Very spectacular. Even had some sparks falling in the basin towards the end.

Back home in good time on Sunday morning arriving not long after 9am.

Excellent trip all round and very pleased with the new mooring.

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