Friday, 1 March 2019

Shropshire Union - Nantwich to Audlem 28 /2-1/3/2019

Engine hours start: 443(est) end: 446
.9 = 4 hours

Miles:8.75 Locks:3  Lock miles: 11.75

Short trip during February half-term.

Arrived at boat on Wednesday evening after work.

Had planned to cruise to Audlem on Thursday but persistent heavy rain all day. So just stayed snugly on board with books and the stove lit until about 8pm when we went to the Oddfellows for the Thursday quiz night.

Didn't disgrace ourselves even though we only had two on our team compared to at least 4 on most of the others. We have to admit to being weak on sports and geography though...

The Oddfellows kitchen still a work in progress so we got pie and chips from across the road and washed them down with a couple of pints each of Razorback.

Friday morning
Both went for showers before breakfast. While Alison had hers, Andrew swept the chimney while the stove was cold.

Finally got moving about 10:45. Our newly refurbished gearbox seems responsive.

Very impressed by the work done by the Hurleston Lockkeepers to clear offside vegetation. Much easier to navigate the Nantwich to Henhull stretch as we went to the winding hole.

Winded and then Alison took the tiller to head back through Nantwich towards Audlem. Andrew got off at Marsh Lane Bridge to walk to the Hack Green locks. Got chatting with some people from the Small Task Team Volunteers who were laying some towpath.

Trouble free trip through the Hack Green locks. Couple of boats coming the other way meant the locks were both set for us.

At Audlem, Andrew had the idea of reversing up one or two locks to the visitor moorings. While he turned the boat, Alison walked up and confirmed that there are 48 hour moorings on rings above the first lock. Lovely quiet spot within easy walking distance of the village. First top mooring of the year! Engine off around 14:40.

Time to relax before checking out the pubs later!

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