Monday, 7 July 2014

Little trip to Nantwich and Audlem Day 1

With a busy summer ahead I (Andrew) was keen to try and get a few days on the boat before we go to France. Alison busy with the first of the two singing courses which she organises each July. Came across on Sunday evening;apparently just missing a big hailstorm judging by the pile of hailstones that I drove by a few miles from the marina!

Had a bit of a tidy up in the cratch area. The anchor is now tucked away much more tidily and the water hose is neatly stowed in the pointy bit.

Monday's weather started off beautiful!

Tried to boil the kettle for breakfast to find the gas completely dead... Slight delay to departure since I needed to wait till 9am until the office opened and I could get a replacement.
Got under way about 9:30 and turned left for Hurleston locks. Very pleased to find a volunteer lock keeper hard at work!

Weather deteriorated as the morning went on. At one point had to pause to nip inside to fetch my waterproof...

Moorings at Nantwich were quite busy. Typical since I was quite keen to get moored up as it was by now (12ish) tipping down...

Got moored up about 400 metres beyond the aqueduct. According to the log of our trip with Cheshire Cat, we moored in much the same place then!

Lunch of bean salad and instant pasta. Weather soon improved so headed into Nantwich for some shopping. Got some self adhesive velcro to stabilise the pictures on the walls of the boat and some food from Morrisons.

Back to the boat to unpack. Then did some sanding of various rusty bits. It's going to be a long job...

Nice shower using the hot water produced during the trip here. Now settled down with a glass of Merlot, some cashews and my Kindle.

Very nice relaxing day. Just what boating should be!

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