Sunday, 8 June 2014

Short trip to Wrenbury Day 3

Engine: 5h Locks:5 Miles:4

Reasonably early start in view of needing to tackle lift bridges before winding and heading back to base.

Bridge 19 was, as anticipated, a bit challenging. Getting ashore was OK but feeding the boat through the open bridge then holding her while closing it again was fiddly...

Luckily Wrenbury Mill Basin was fairly empty so was able to turn there before the road lift bridge.

Got behind another boat whose crew therefore worked Bridge 19 on the return passage. Also helped through Baddiley locks. I did some single handed operation. Not too bad on these narrow locks but must be more challenging on wide ones!

Paused between bridges 12 and 11 for coffee and to update log. Back to marina about 12.30. Stiff breeze made tying up to service point a little interesting. Successfully managed to empty the toilet cassette!

Back to mooring and tied up by 13:00. After lunch cut ventilation holes in the dinette lockers and screwed on brass louvre plates. Looks quite smart and should improve ventilation in these lockers.

Loaded car and away by about 16:30 just ahead of a torrential downpour. Home about 17:45.

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