Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Summer trip on Shropshire Union (Tuesday 31/7/2018) - Nantwich to Barbridge Inn

Engine hours start: 386.5 end: 387.7 = 1.2 hours

Miles:2.5 Locks:0  Lock miles: 2.5

The start of our summer cruise: supplies aboard - diesel checked - water refilled - will empty the toilet at Calveley - then smartly away into a lovely summer evening - sunshine and clouds, slight breeze.

Heading for Barbridge for dinner: burger for Andrew, liver for Alison.
Top Mooring!

Peaceful night having watched the International Space Station pass and seen Mars at perigee (if that's the word) looking large and decidedly pink in the night sky.
International Space Station (no really... it is!)

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