Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Summer trip on Shropshire Union (Wednesday 1/8/2018) - Barbridge Inn to Shady Oak

Engine hours start: 387.7 end: 391.5 = 3.8 hour

Miles:5 Locks:6  Lock miles: 11

Sunny start today, breezy, clouded over as morning went on but mild.

Waited for NB Riverside to pass before unmooring. We both paused at Calveley services and agreed to work the next locks in tandem. Ferociously shiny boat. Skipper does not allow wife to take boat into locks in case of touching - much use of bow thruster likewise. Amazed they deigned to share with us! However, interesting to talk boat design as theirs is a bespoke by Aquabuild(?).

Beeston Castle

Separated at Beeston Iron Lock of course as it is single working but paused for lunch above the next as they caught up with us.

Another top mooring within sight of but no in deafening range of Shady Oak pub. Riverside also stopping here - right at the end of the rings to ensure peace and quiet. Meanwhile our opposite neighbours are a pair of swans.

And another splendid meal at the Shady Oak. Food less expensive but helpings a bit smaller - good news, room for pudding!

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