Friday, 30 May 2014

Moved boat for the first time

Engine: 2 hrs Locks:0 Miles: 0

Moved all of 100 yards!

The post-survey works are now complete and we will be moving the boat to her new home at Swanley Bridge Marina as soon as her new CRT licence becomes active on 1st June.

We arrived at Venetian Marina about 15:00. Had to immediately move the boat from the service bay to a temporary mooring. Bit nerve racking but accomplished without incident.

Ran the engine for a couple of hours to top up the batteries and for hot water. Did a few miscellaneous jobs and prepared meatballs and pasta for dinner.

Then had a pleasant walk along the cut to Barbridge Inn which was surprisingly quiet for a Friday.

Passed nb Rebecca which belongs to friends of Alison. They were due on-board this weekend but did not arrive till gone 22:00 and then cruised the other way to Middlewich for the weekend; not returning till Monday. Will doubtless see them another time.

Back on board by 22:00 and in bed soon after.

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