Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gave the boat her new name

Engine: 1hr 20m Locks:0 Miles:0

Up at 08:00. Discovered shore facilities.

Renamed the boat from "Mrs D" to her new name of "Mind Like Water" using vinyl signs which work well. Ran the engine for a while to top up the batteries.

Took the car to do some shopping. First stop, Kings Lock Chandlery followed by fish and chips from the Kings Lock chippy. Next to Morrisons at Middlewich for groceries and finally B&Q at Crewe.

Back to the marina, Andrew to work and Alison to nap (post-pneumonia recovery).

Then took Andrew's car to Barbridge to leave overnight as part of the boat move plan.

Had a pint or two at the Barbridge Inn which was much busier than the previous day then walked back to Venetian Marina.

Early night full of chips and beer...

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