Thursday, 6 August 2015

4 Counties Ring - Day 11 - Brewood to Goldstone Wharf

Engine 7.3h Miles:18 Locks:1

An early start to cover the long lock-free stretch until Tyrley after which the locks will come thick and fast.

Alternator belt tending to slip so unable to cruise at full speed though moored boats - miles of them - tended to keep us at tickover.

Canal quite busy - especiall at Norbury Junction and Gnosall. Sunny intervals and showers made the next coat of varnish a challenge. The brolly got its first use today sheltering the freshly stained back door.

Found a good mooring opposite the pub at Goldstone Wharf. Alison started preparing a very nice bolognese sauce before we tried the Wharf Tavern. Unfortunately the pub didn't open till 18:30 so we headed back to boat to finish cooking then eating the meal. Many wasps attracted by the pleasant smell...

Moored opposite Wharf Tavern at Goldstone Wharf

Andrew had a go at tightening the alternator belt. Some success but will have to wait until we start the engine to see full result. Tightening operation ideally needs at least 3 hands, possibly 4... Made use of a one-handed clamp but not ideal as one of the clamp pads pivots so tended to slip off.

Adjourned to the pub afterwards for a quick pint before bed.

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