Thursday, 20 August 2015

Painting session 2

This longer painting session (4 days) has got:

  • Starboard side prepared and Fertanned
  • Starboard side primed
  • Starboard side 1st coat of gloss
  • Starboard side 2nd coat of gloss
  • Port side 2nd coat of gloss
  • Deck rail and stern prepared and Fertanned
  • Deck rail and stern primed
  • Deck rail and stern 1st coat of gloss
  • Deck rail and stern 2nd coat of gloss
These before and after shots taken from the same viewpoint show what a difference has been made!


The starboard side was done before the port because I took the boat onto the cut to do the work (marina does not allow sanding etc.) and that was the way I was pointing on the first day.

Had a bit of a disaster after finishing the starboard side. Was untying the boat ready to pop down to the winding hole to turn around so I could do the port side when I managed to sprain my ankle... Final two days of the trip were accomplished with a certain amount of whimpering and painkillers... 

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