Friday, 7 August 2015

4 Counties Ring - Day 12 - Goldstone Wharf to Audlem

Engine: 5.7h Miles: 9 Locks 21

Engine started without any alternator squeal so that fix worked (for now!).

Found that the spare toilet cassette fits well under the bathroom sink. Just need to cull some of the myriad cleaning products which were in the basket there!

After the Tyrley locks, we caught up with a 30' Springer who warily agreed to share locks with us. In the event it worked out so well that we continued together to Audlem. Alison says to remind her of this day though if she is ever tempted by a Springer. It handled like a drunkard (though that might have been the inexperienced driver..), had no reverse gear to speak of and an absurdly slow tickover. Alison, who was driving while Andrew worked the locks, had a bit of a struggle to follow closely enough to not cause delays at the locks without ramming them as they dodged about...

Dinner was rather fab Hairy Biker style burgers, patates sautees with salad then to the Lord Combermere (free wifi and papers) for a very pleasant couple of pints.

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