Sunday, 5 August 2018

Summer trip on Shropshire Union (Sunday 5/8/2018) - Ellesmere Port to Stoak (Bridges 138-139)

Engine hours start: 400.4 end: 402.3 = 1.9 hour

Miles:2.5 Locks:0  Lock miles: 2.5

Third and final coat of gloss on handrails first thing. Then went round the museum - still interesting despite rescue of old boats into storage before they rot away. Some sort of dispute involving the council and Peel Holdings means most of the lower basin is not accessible. Sort it out folks! 

Mind Like Water top right

Walked a mile or so to find Aldi - then a quick lunch and away. Ran engine for half an hour before setting off so we could get the fridge back on.

However only got through the first bridge when it became obvious that we had to stop as little propulsion. Checked weed hatch and prop seemed clear but still problems when we set off again. Large burst of reverse seemed to dislodge a large chunk of wood that must have been underneath and rolling into the prop whenever we selected forward gear...

Moored down the cut a couple of miles where, once the first heat of the day had passed, Andrew started work (heroically...) on preparing the remaining third of the port-side handrail and all of the starboard side. Scraped and Fertanned.

Reward was BBQ and chocolate mousse!

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