Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Summer trip on Shropshire Union (Tuesday 7/8/2018) - Stoak (Bridges 138-139) to Christleton

Engine hours start: 403.3 end: 409.3 = 6 hours

Miles:8 Locks:7  Lock miles: 15

Having been on pins above bridge 138, we notice that there is Armco below it - useful to note as the Bunbury Arms in Stoak is well worth a return visit.

Lots of gongoozlers at the Tower flight in Chester!

Masking visible on the starboard handrails

Moored in Chester at 12:30 for a quick hour of charity shops. Attempted scientific comparison of Greggs and Pound Bakery fell apart when exactly comparable products proved to be unavailable: but Pound Bakery is cheaper, it is noted.

By now the hot start to the day has faded with clouds and a cool breeze. Lifted slightly on reaching our top mooring at the Cheshire Cat for the first coat of red gloss: but by sunset the breeze was cooling again. We have become far too used to mid 20s Celsius!

Omelette and salad for supper, early night.

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