Sunday, 1 June 2014

Moved boat to her new mooring

Engines 5hrs 30m Locks:5 Miles:6

The great day of departure dawned bright and sunny soon becoming hot.

A few jobs to start then at 11:00 joined the queue for Cholmondeston Lock.

Fair number of moored boats on the Middlewich Arm meant a slow trip - no problem as in no great hurry.

At Barbridge Junction waited for two narrowboats each towing full length buttys - on their way to Chester Boat Festival next weekend.

In the narrows at Barbridge (site of over-canal trans-shipment) found a very shiny trad style waiting for something... Tight squeeze but got through without much bumping.

Moored up for light lunch - ham and salad sandwich, coffee and muffins. Then Alison's turn at the till as Andrew worked the Hurleston locks before walking back to Barbridge to collect the car to meet the boat at Swanley Bridge Marina. A truly cunning plan!

All worked out un-eventfully and our arrivals at the Marina were simultaneous!

The necessary paperwork was soon completed in the office. Andrew moved the car round to the moorer's area while Alison moved "Mind Like Water" to he new home: 15 Lily's Landing.

Our new neighbour was busy polishing his already immaculate boat so entry really needed to be reasonable: fortunately was fine if a little tentative. Neighbour pulled us forward the last couple of feet as we ran out of momentum.

Engines off at 17:00. Sausage and veg with passata and pasta for dinner. Cleared out the fridge and disembarked at around 20:00.

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