Saturday, 7 June 2014

Short trip to Wrenbury Day 2

Engines: 2h Locks:0 Miles:0

Very wet start to the day. Good job that no travelling planned for today; instead revising for Cisco CCNA Instructor training and possibly some inside jobs.

Some thunder and lightning along with heavy rain.

Revised all morning. Weather very dark outside and plenty of rain. After lunch, got on with some DIY jobs. New roller blinds in galley and bathroom and cut pieces of gutter pipe as supports for the roof box cover to try and limit the amount of water gathering there.

Ran the engine for a while to heat some water and charge the batteries.

Around 16:00 the sun came out so planning to walk the half-mile or so to Wrenbury to check out the pubs and lift bridges ready for turning round for the return journey tomorrow.

Recce went well. The lift bridges look challenging as both are operated from the non-towpath side. There's a very small area where I should be able to get the nose in while lifting the bridge.

Also located the shop in Wrenbury about 0.5km from Wrenbury Mill. Deceptively big inside; fairly pricey...

Then, purely in the spirit of research, checked out both pubs! Dusty Miller has the better location by the canal but feels a bit "corporate". Cotton Arms has a bit more atmosphere. This weekend they were hosting the Elvis-fest in their camping field. Both serve a decent pint!

Back to boat for dinner and a read; Lord of the Rings on tablet Kindle app. More heavy rain in the night.

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