Thursday, 11 July 2019

Bridge 40 Macclefield -> Bollington Aqueduct 11/7/2019

Engine hours start: 498.5 end: 500.9 = 2.4 hours

Miles:12 Locks:0  Lock miles: 15

Aiming for 11am start but waited for 2 boats to go by which appearded just as we were cating off. Paused for Loo green at chandlery, admired mooring pontoons - and back into the countryside (or at least a green corridor at the back of housing). Paused at Bollington Wharf: no public facilities appear available. 2 day mooring.

Alison walked on ahead to scope out further options and reported back one space on the Bollington Aqueduct: then stood looking possessive along with two mooring pins which had been abandoned on the bank. Both boats that Andrew had been worried would claim the spot sailed obligingly past.

Bacon and egg pitta for lunch : siesta : 4pm tip to Co-op for aupplies. Bollington very trendy and cute - admired the culvert for the river under the canal embankment (huge) - then explored up into the rest of town.

Spotted the White Nancy monument looking fairly close and Andrew decided we should climb up to it. Excellent path if steep. Essex girl Alison moaning the whole way but fab views from the top.

Impending thunderstorm so scurried off down through the woods - tempted by Bulls Head - but carried on and almost made it back before the deluge. Spot of Wainwright to restore the tissues and meal on board.

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