Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Rode Heath -> Lamas Bridge 9/7/2019

Engine hours start: 486.7 end: 93.9 = 7.2 hours

Miles:12 Locks:13  Lock miles:25

Rain overnight, greyer and cooler. A gentle start and Andrew's back seems a little improved. AJS no ill effects apart from a bit of stiffness around shoulder and lower back.

Decided that Andrew benefit fromgentle exercise walking the towpath - and wound up doing the locks (carefully) as well. Once again some convenient boat crossings reduced the need for gate closing and opening.

Reached the junction of Macclesfield canal at 11am. Slow through very reedy section but foraged raspberries at the stop lock.

Sandwiches 12:30, a shower of rain at 13:30. Quite a lot of moored boats. Although housing quite clsoe at times, mostly a very green and rural feeling stretch.

Rain set in for remainder of cruise.

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