Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Rode Heath -> Wheelock 16/7/2019

Engine hours start: 514.8 end: 519.2 = 4.6 hours

Miles:4 Locks:14  Lock miles: 18

 Rain overnight swiftly cleared to give a lovely warm day. Alison's turn to do locks. Aboat pulled out as Alison walking down to the first lock and another closed up as we were queuing - then we closed up on a single-handler and before long we were in a convoy.

Approach Hassall's Green Alison dropped the long throw windlass in the lock - the following boat went by in the other lock while we went magnet-fishing. Success!

Then a couple of locks further on, a bee managed to get stuck in Alison's sandal and sting the side of her big toe. Soaked the place with vinegar and Andrew got the sting out with a multi-tool so very little damage done. However Andrew very kindly said we should swap so he worked the last three locks into Wheelock where we found a lovely shaded mooring, handy for the service blcok and pub. The boat ahead were brilliant too, lifting a paddle as they left each lock so they were all but set as we arrived - fab.

Filled our bottles and Andrew got some more from the shop. Then did some hand washing to set us straight in underwear. Nearly Nicoise salad for lunch. Andrew revelled in hot shower - praise be to the services - and we had dinner and a lovely chat with Bob and Barabara  nb Take Too at the Cheshire Cheese - new owners, good menu, good value.

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