Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Wheelock -> Middlewich 17/7/2019

Engine hours start: 519.2 end: 523.7 = 4.5 hours

Miles:6 Locks:6  Lock miles: 12

Light overcast, could easily burn off and scorch - or not. Wheelock services an absolute anthill of activity as we left. Alison's bee-sting still a little swollen, found some witch hazel cream which should help. Hot rather than painful, a little itchy as it heals.

An enjoayable day's cruising with little traffic the other way but plenty all going the same way which made for queues at locks - so Andrew did the equivalent of at least 10 locks helping  and being helped by overlapping crews. Barbara of Take Too was particularly helpful. Lock landings inadequate all the way so lots of fannying around mid-stream while waiting.

At the Kings Lock turn there was a Black Prince boat with no idea of how to turn into the Wardle canal so Alison grabbed their nose rope and got them round with a judicious push and pull. Andrew then tutored them through them and stayed back to work Barbara and Bob up the lock while Alison pottered along - stopped just beyond bridge 28 on the edge of town. Andrew then walked back for some water pump market research - came back with cake!

Rain then set in so setttled down for some good ol' home cooking, beer and DVD.

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