Friday, 11 August 2017

Weaver Navigation & Chester (Friday 11/8/2017) - Cheshire Cat, Christleton and trip to Chester & Winsford

Engine hours start: 320.5 end: 320.5 = 0 hours

Miles:0 Locks:0  Lock miles 0

Stayed at Cheshire Cat moorings. Lazy start including egg & bacon sarnies again! Walked into town via Chester rail station to collect our pre-booked tickets for the trip to Winsford.

Had a little mooch in town before returning to the station to get the train. The train from Chester to Crewe was fine but the connection was showed as "Delayed" and seemed to be getting later every time we looked at the board. With little spare time in the itinerary, we started considering alternatives. Andrew was reminded of the Michael Palin round-the-world programmes where they had to change their plans to cope with various crises!

Found that there was a direct bus from Crewe to Winford which actually stopped right outside the venue (rather than having to yomp across town) so that worked out well in the end. Arrived at Winsford Shopping Centre with about 10 minutes to spare. Just time to find the venue and a glass of wine before the show started!

The show itself was great - quite surreal / arty and well performed. Fascinating to see such well-known actors putting so much effort into a performance for about 40 people! Show was only about an hour then out to walk back to station.

Train back to Crewe was also delayed so we missed the first available connection back to Chester. Still managed to get an earlier connection than originally planned to go back to Chester about 23:45. No chippies open to tempt us but a pleasant canalside walk back to the boat - not as dark as feared.

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