Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Weaver Navigation & Chester (Tuesday 8/8/2017) - Vale Royal Moorings to Trent and Mersey Canel (Between Bridges 181 - 180a)

Engine hours start: 301.5 end: 306.8 = 5.3 hours

Miles:10 Locks:1 + Anderton Boat Lift Lock miles 11

Set off from Vale Royal Moorings around 10 at the head of a convoy of three boats.

Short wait on the floating pontoon for the lock to be ready.
Hunts Lock

Went into the lock 3 abreast. On this lock and Hunts Lock they are using the smaller lock rather than the large one in use at Saltersford and Dutton locks.

Left lock in reverse order so we were last in the convoy to Hunts Lock ending up snugly between the other boats.

Went straight through Northwich and tied up at the Anderton visitor moorings. Walked up to Stanley Arms for a drink before returning to the boat for lunch and to wait for our passage up the lift. 

Walking up through Anderton Nature Park for a drink at Stanley Arms
The phone lines in the area have been out for some time so Stanley Arms has no wifi, can't accept phone bookings or order supplies. What a thin veneer civilisation is!

The magnificent Anderton Boat Lift
Trouble-free solo trip back up the lift. Once back on the Trent & Mersey canal, made a short stop at the Anderton Services to empty the toilet then onwards to moor at a quiet spot between Bridges 181 and 180a. Railway very close but hopefully not too much traffic at night...

Alison yomped off to seek forage (damsons and blackberries). Andrew lit the fire as it is definitely not warm enough for August!)

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