Monday, 14 August 2017

Weaver Navigation & Chester (Monday 14/8/2017) - Chester (near Bridge 123c) to Barbridge

Engine hours start: 323.5 end: 332.7= 9 hours

Miles:15.5 Locks:10  Lock miles 25.5

Weather forecast to be very wet all day so we girded our loins with Goretex and got going: the rain stopped pretty much as soon as we popped onto the deck and stayed away all day!

The first few locks were set in our favour - we were the first boat moving since the restaurant boat the previous evening we think.

Approaching Wharton's Lock, we met our second boat of the holiday who were nervously contemplating their very first ever lock. As the locks on this stretch are all doubles, we teamed up with Dinky (Gordon and Mia) to give some help and tips. They were very grateful and feeling more confident by the time we got to Calveley where we paused to use the services. They were carrying on to Barbridge Inn.

Having weighed up whether we would push on all the way back to Nantwich, we opted to spend the final evening with a meal at the Barbridge. We moored behind Dinky right outside the pub. Top mooring!
American Board just about defeated Andrew!

Terrific meal and a nice chat with Gordon and Mia. Will no doubt see them again at some point on the cut!

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