Thursday, 10 August 2017

Weaver Navigation & Chester (Thursday 10/8/2017) - Church Minshull to Cheshire Cat, Christleton

Engine hours start: 312.2 end: 320.5 = 8.3 hours

Miles:16 Locks:4  Lock miles 20

Fitful sun and cool breeze to start, hoping to have some fair weather at last. Have run out of socks for one thing!

Straight up Cholmondeston Lock - first time ever no queue - 6 boats waiting in the other direction though! Bought two extra mooring pins at Venetian Marina chandlery while passing.

Easy through Barbridge Junction and used services at Calveley. Increasingly sunny come lunchtime. Teamed up with Grumpy Git (who wasn't really) at Bunbury until Beeston Iron Lock.

Managed a text-book Bunbury Shuffle with Alison driving the boat and accomplishing a flawless wiggle! Andrew was in charge of the operation as neither of the other two boats involved had done it before so just asked to be told what to do!

Did some laundry on the move. Didn't dry very quickly as still a fairly cool breeze. But weather improved to become a nice afternoon as we went past Shady Oak and then onwards to moor outside the Cheshire Cat at Christleton about 16:30.

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