Saturday, 5 August 2017

Weaver Navigation & Chester (Saturday 5/8/2017) - Sutton Swing Bridge to Dutton Mile Moorings

Engine hours start: 293.1 end: 295.4hr = 2.3 hours

Miles:6 Locks:1  Lock miles 7

Sutton Bridge moorings
Shopping in Frodsham in the morning. Managed to get stamps so can send postcards. Frodsham a pleasant and prosperous - plenty of pubs - no Wetherspoons (which we had been looking for for coffee...)

Lots of skiffs on the water from Runcorn Rowing Club.

Sunny periods much more prolonged but still a chill wind when sun hidden.

Noticed the engine running very hot mid voyage - helm squawked and crew ran with a large bottle of water - crisis averted...

Passed a very shiny widebeam on approach to Dutton Lock; the lockkeeper was somewhat scathing about the skipper's ability...

Had a prolonged passage up the lock as something was fouling one of the bottom gates so they had to re-empty the lock and open / close the gate to clear it. Each lock cycle uses 500,000 gallons apparently so it took 1 million gallons to raise us up 8 feet!

Heading towards the Acton Bridge moorings, they looked quite full and also very close to busy road bridge. So we did a U-turn (no need for winding holes on the Weaver Navigation!) and moored at the Dutton Mile moorings which are lovely and quiet but still in sight of and just a gentle stroll from the Leigh Arms!
Dutton Mile mooring

Had a couple of pints at the pub while we wrote our postcards.

Quiet evening and night on these lovely moorings.

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