Sunday, 6 August 2017

Weaver Navigation & Chester (Sunday 6/8/2017) - Dutton Mile Moorings to Winsford Flash Basin

Engine hours start: 295.4 end: 300.6hr = 5.2 hours

Miles:11 Locks:3 Lock miles 14

A gentle trip up to Saltersford Lock where we took advantage of a short wait for the lock to top up the water tank. Held the lock then for three other boats so were up near the paddles. Feared turbulence but no problem at all. We were first out of the lock but then let everyone go past - being in no mood to hurry.

Northwich Town surprisingly busy already so we made use of the services then phoned up Hunts Lock. Told not to hurry as they needed to get ready so put our nose into an epic blackberry bush and Alison picked 2lbs in as many minutes.

Worth noting that all the lockkeepers on the River Weaver Navigation have been great - cheerful, polite, helpful and very keen to promote the Navigation.

Went up to the end of the navigation at Winford Bottom Flash where we were surprised to find a nice little basin - completely devoid of boats! Recognised it as having driven past it many times on the way to Middlewich thinking it was just the river! Tied up hoping that the road noise would not be too bad (it was fine).

At 17:30 walked back to the Red Lion pub, just catching the end of lunch service - lucky as there is no food service Sunday evenings! Reasonable, good value food and good choice of ales. Main attraction is the music - live sessions all night and clearly similar all week. Great local atmosphere.

Later on Facebook spotted that we had just missed Sylvester McCoy who had apparently visited earlier in the day! (This is significant for reasons that will become clearer in later blog entries!!!).

Heavy rain overnight.


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