Friday, 23 March 2018

Easter trip on Llangollen Canal (Friday 23/3/2018) - Nantwich to Burland

Engine hours start: 337.4 end: 339.1 = 1.7 hour

Miles:3 Locks:4 Lock miles: 7

Andrew solo trip up the Llangollen to Whitchurch for first week of the Easter Break.

Was originally going to go via Middlewich Branch to Anderton but the breach near Middlewich put paid to that. Very glad that the breach did not happen two weeks later leaving me stranded on the Trent and Mersey!

Arrived Nantwich at 14:30. Unpacked car and emptied toilet. Got underway about 15:00. When removing the chimney, noticed that it is rotten so will need to look for a replacement. The double-skinned chimney does not seem to have worked very well as the gap between the skins is too large allowing fumes between the layers which has rotted the outer one. Also allowed tar to drip down the inside of the outer skin and onto the boat...

Trouble-free cruise to Hurleston Junction where I was very pleased to see lockkeepers working the locks. Apart from lowering the paddle on the first lock before going back to get the boat, I was able just to stay on board. Apparently the locks are being manned most days so fingers crossed for return journey next Friday!

Came through a couple of bridges then moored up between bridges 3 and 4. Nice quiet spot with a pleasant view.

Fired up the stove and unpacked. First Guiness and pork scratchings open by 17:20.

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