Sunday, 25 March 2018

Easter trip on Llangollen Canal (Sunday 25/3/2018) - Wrenbury to Whitchurch

Engine hours start: 343.1 end: 348.5= 5.4 hours

Miles:6 Locks:10 & 1 liftbridge  Lock miles: 17

Had originally planned to stay another night at Wrenbury but woke to clear blue skies and a good weather forecast so decided to make for Whitchurch today.

Underway around 09:30. Soloed through the lift bridge without incident; just held up a couple of cars and 2 cyclists.

Weather chilly but clear. Lovely day for cruising. Arrived at Marbury Lock around 10:10.

Not much other traffic but did pass a few boats.

Arrived at Willeymoor Lock just before 12:00 and the pub was actually open. First time I have actually seen this phenomenon! Considered popping in for a pint but decided to press on.

Single-handed through the first 3 of Grindley Brook locks closely followed by a hire boat crewed by Americans. They are from San Francisco and come here twice a year for the canals!

Had some trouble topping up the water as could not find the correct connector (now on shopping list for tomorrow). Emptied rubbish and got rid of old chimney.

Moored up at Whitchurch Visitor moorings (48 hour) at 15:00. Had a shower to take advantage of hot water from cruising. Realised that I had never had lunch so cracked open an Old Speckled Hen and some pretzels!

Quiet evening on the boat. Planning to go into Whitchurch tomorrow. 

Later in the evening fancied a walk so wandered back to Grindley Brook and had a couple of pints at the Horse & Jockey.

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