Thursday, 29 March 2018

Easter trip on Llangollen Canal (Thursday 29/3/2018) - Nantwich to Burland

Engine hours start: 357.8 end: 359.4 = 1.6 hours

Miles:4 Locks:4 Lock miles: 8

Set off around 09:55.

Two lockkeepers and a trainee volunteer on duty at Hurleston so flew through the flight, reaching the junction by 10:30!

Arrived back at Nantwich Basin around 11:00. There was a fair breeze blowing down the basin and I used it to execute a very smooth spin into our slot. Of course, there were no witnesses to this unlike whenever you muck something up!

Paid Jan and Feb electric bills. Have now taken the heater off the boat (subject to last-minute weather forecast check before heading home on Tuesday) so, after paying the March acount, electricity usage should be minimal until next winter.  

Then wandered into town to buy and post a birthday card for Dad. Then round a few charity shops and to Morrisons for some groceries. Picked up our wristbands for the Jazz and Blues Festival this weekend.

Back to boat for a bit of a tidy up.

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