Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Easter trip on Llangollen Canal (Tuesday 27/3/2018) - Whitchurch to Grindley Brook

Engine hours start: 348.5 end: 351.0 = 2.5 hour

Miles:1.5 Locks:6  Lock miles: 7.5

Set off around 09:15. First task was to move forward to the lift bridge. Then lifted the bridge and winded in the junction. Dog walker lowered the bridge which saved me having to re-moor. Someone had left a windlass on the bridge so didn't even need to wait to retrieve mine.

Soon after setting off it started to rain so paused to put on waterproof trousers. Was already in waterproof jacket for warmth as not warm at all...

Soon arrived at Grindley Brook. Topped up with water and emptied the bin.

Lockkeeper on duty but only doing one side so I had to help. Pulled the boat through the staircase to avoid ladders in the wet.

Pretty wet and mucky passage through the remaining locks. Rope got very muddy which transferred to gloves and waterproofs...

Moored up just beyond bridge 27 on 48 hour moorings. Will probably stay overnight here and have dinner at the Horse and Jockey. (I did - huge plate of fish & chips).

Very little traffic so far. I was the first traffic through the locks according to the keeper. First boat passed my mooring around 12:25.

Very sparse selection of books in the little shop by the bottom lock. Luckily already have plenty on board...

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