Monday, 26 March 2018

Easter trip on Llangollen Canal (Monday 26/3/2018) - Whitchurch

No cruising today. Spent the day in Whitchurch.

Monday is obviously a day when quite a few shops close but more open than last time when we visited on a Sunday...

Got a good haul of books and DVDs from the charity shops and had a poke around in the antiques centre but did not buy anything.

Found a very good hardware store reminiscent of Stermat in Colwyn Bay. Much bigger inside than it appears from the street. Got several hose tap connectors to avoid yesterday's problem.

Had a latte (with an extra shot of course) in the White Bear (wifi) and then a pint in the Old Town Vaults. Another Joules pub. Good ale but not as nice as the Leopard in Nantwich.

Got a few things in Sainsburys then had another pint in the Cock and Greyhound on the way back to the boat (more wifi!).

Quiet afternoon/ evening on the boat with books and DVD.

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